Emma Ruth O. Ramos and Kristine Josephine V. Santiago
Second Year BS Environmental Planning and Management
Miriam College, Quezon City



Barangay Loyola Heights, located in Quezon City, Philippines is recognized as the educational hub of Quezon City. Ateneo de Manila University, Miriam College and Kostka are some of the schools located within the area. Middle class residential areas such as Alta Vista Subdivision, Xavierville and Varsity Hills are found within the vicinity of Barangay Loyola Heights. Barangay Loyola Heights is also the home for commercial activities with numerous numbers of business and commercial establishments along Katipunan Avenue.

Barangay Loyola Height belongs to the Third District of Quezon City, Area 15. It is bounded by Barangay UP Diliman on the North, by Barangay Escopa on the South, by Barangay Pansol on the East and by Barangay Botocan on the West. Barangay Loyola Heights has a total land area of 1.94 square kilometers, with a population approximately 30,000 as estimated for the year 2003 since the residents are mostly transients. An estimated 13,775 number of households make up the population of the barangay with a growth rate of 2.6% for the year 2000 and a population density of 13,080.

Objectives of the Project
The Barangay Loyola Heights Street Map aims to improve the existing road map of Barangay Loyola Heights, to put into application the different GIS concepts learned and to learn different programming techniques.

Project Workflow

1) Obtain Old Barangay Loyola Heights Map
An old map is acquired from the Loyola Heights Barangay Hall for references. The old map will serve as the basis for the new map. The differences of the two maps can also be pointed out later in this paper.

2) Record Roads/ Streets with a GPS
A Global Positioning System (GPS) unit is used to record the streets within Barangay Loyola Heights.

3) Download GPS Data through GPS Babel
GPS Babel is a free downloadable program used to import and export GPS data from and to a GPS unit.

4) Edit Data Using JOSM
Java Open Street Map (JOSM) an application used to edit GPS data. It is an application from www.openstreetmap.org .

Open Street Map. Org is a website established by ordinary citizens in UK to share maps created to other people at no cost. It is founded in July 2004 by Steve Coast to promote sharing of maps made by other people for free. The organization promotes cooperation through enabling members to freely assess other members’ works. It uses a wikispace approach of interaction but with the sharing of information in improving maps uploaded in the website.

5) Convert map to SVG Using Osmarender
Osmarender is a tool used to convert an OSM data into a SVG file.

6) Lay Out and Add Essential Map Elements
Essential Map Elements include the title of the map, map legend, north orientation, scale, cartographers, date of prepared and borders.

Final Output
external image 15036.pngexternal image 15036.png
external image 15037.pngexternal image 15037.png
Loyola Heights OSM Map

Making a map using a GPS unit is a much accurate way of creating a street map than not using one. Taking advantage of the available technologies will surely make any project much better. The disadvantage though of having a GPS unit is that, people would still walk the area of the location. GPS units have low signals inside cars and other vehicles.
Street mapping is a fun way of helping the community through sharing information regarding location and spatial analysis. Openstreetmap.org offers a good training ground for aspiring GIS analysts/ programmers. Street mapping is a good way applying GIS related programming and concepts.

Trying different GIS applications is not that difficult. A person must try to get as much data and information he/ she can get to much more understand the application. It is also recommended that he/ she also read forums regarding the application he/ she is currently using.
Forums provide helpful information and supply satisfying answers since people are in the same interest as any other ordinary person studying or using GIS Applications.

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